Techniques, Research, Innovations for the Building and Urban

Cities & Territories

Sustainable strategy and territorial foresight
  •     Participation and dialogue with all stakeholders

Our proposals are co-constructed with all the actors (technical services, elected officials) by means of adapted participative approaches.

  •     Multi-scale actions

We mobilize TRIBU's collective intelligence and multi-scale vision in our territorial foresight. We provide expertise for development projects, construction, public spaces, management and maintenance, planning tools...

  •     Innovative themes

We develop methods adapted to local authorities and territories on innovative subjects: urban heat island, adaptation to climate change, circular economy of resources, energy-carbon strategy, ecosystem services of nature in the city, environmental health, etc.


Our missions integrate the following expertises:

  •     Territorial diagnosis, in particular by means of GIS spatial analysis
  •     Action plan, development of adapted tools
  •     Participation of the actors and acculturation to the stakes
Spatial analysis using geographic information systems (GIS)

We master geographic information systems in order to mobilize open urban data that we cross-reference and exploit in our environmental analyses: health, biodiversity,... We develop an urban modeling tool "Indigen" that we use internally.

Sustainable strategy and territorial foresight

Associated projects

Environmental assessments for urban planning

We also work with communities on bioclimatic and environmental issues in urban planning tools: PCAET, PLU ... and specifically on innovative themes.

Scoping studies
  •   Urban and environmental programming

    We have a cross approach of environmental issues and urban programming in order to propose adapted and optimized densities and urban forms.